If we create a new backlink, is it necessary to index it manually?

If we create a new backlink, is it necessary to index it manually?

What questions have you asked and what people are answering here, I do not understand anything.

Manual indexing of backlinks? I am hearing this for the first time.

Manual index is called when we go to Google search console and submit a URL to index. Backlink is obtained from other websites, so how will you request to index the URL of another website from your Google search console? And why would you do this? And what’s the use?

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Do you know what a backlink is?

Backlinks are called referral links that you get from other websites. Does anyone index backlinks too? You only have control of your own website and not the website of another. Yes, but you can promote backlinks made.

Crawling and indexing are functions of search engines. Yes, it is definitely that if any of your page is not indexed then you can enter indexing request again through your search console but not the URL of other website. Crawling and indexing depends on many points which I do not want to discuss here.

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