What is Cyber Security and elements

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Definition – This is a kind of security that is meant for Internet connected systems. It also helps to protect hardware, software and data from cyber crime.
Both cyber security and security forces are housed to protect the data so that there is no way the data can be stolen and all documents and files remain safe. Large computer experts and IT trained people are able to do this kind of work.
Elements of cyber security
A lot of efforts are made in this to keep the data safe.
• Application Security
• Information Security
• network security
• Emergency protection
• Operational security
• End user education
• data security
• mobile Security
• cloud Protection
There is a danger of cyber security many times because the network connection and the internet are fast changing the world; security has become very important due to this.
The administration has been taking a lot of ways to deal with such activities. The capital used by many countries for cyber security is being used so that the private data leak of those countries is not leaked and all information is safe.
In 2017, Gartner Company had estimated that the cost of information security has increased to 83.4 billion worldwide and it has increased by 7% from 2016. By the end of 2018, the expenditure in its product and service will be increased to 93 billion.
Types of cyber attack
Due to the changing technology, our security and Threat Intelligence has become a daunting task for us. However, to avoid cyber bullying, it is important for us to keep our information safe.
Ransomware – This is a kind of virus that is used by criminals to attack people’s computers and systems. It suffers a lot of damage to files lying in the computer. Then the culprit then takes bribe from anyone whose computer or system is spoiled in this manner and then leaves the system after that.
Malware – This damages a computer’s files or programs, such as computer viruses, worms, trojans etc.
Social engineering – This is an attack of a method that depends on man’s conversation. So that people can be trapped in a clever manner and can be removed from their personal data, passwords etc. Because of this, there is a great danger to people, so do not worry about anyone who talks to anyone.
Fishing – This is a kind of fraud in which fraud emails are made to the people so that they think that the mail came from a good institution. The purpose of such mail is to steal the necessary data such as credit card information or login information. You can visit the best Cyber Security Company in India.


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