Restore AOL Desktop Software as Default Web Browser

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Restore AOL Desktop Software as Default Web Browser
Note: Upgrade to the latest version of AOL Desktop software to take advantage of great new features!
You can set the AOL Desktop software or any other program as the default for webpage browsing, email and newsgroups. To do this, follow the simple instructions below to set AOL Desktop as the default web browser or restore the default explorer if it has been changed to Internet Explorer.
When the settings pane appears, AOL lists your options for the homepage.
At the beginning of the settings panel with the section, select a custom from the drop-down list and type below at the address of your favorite website as shown below. Then click on the adjacent plus sign to save the website name. Type in your favorite website address and Microsoft Edge opens on that site.
My homepage opens several home pages to create AOL, in each of your tabs, click the plus sign next to the first web address you entered.
Until you re-launch Microsoft Edge, a new box appears to type another web address; Repeat until you share Microsoft Edge with all previously loaded tabs. Want to see If your changes are immediately to turn off the pane in Settings, click on the screen from the settings panel, close the settings panel, leave you back on your website.
When you launch web browser, it automatically open a new window with a default web-browser or lanched on PC Or Computer System. You can set a home page on any website; However, here you must know how to change the home page in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
Restore AOL Desktop Software as Default Web Browser
To restore AOL Desktop software as a default web browser:
1. Click Settings Settings on AOL Toolbar.
2. Click the Settings AZ tab.
3. Under A category, click AOL as the default link.
4. Click the OK button on the Association Settings window.
Restore your default AOL Browser homepage
If your default homepage has changed, you can restore it to the Internet Options Control Panel.
To restore your default homepage:
1. On your computer desktop, double-click the Internet Explorer icon.
2. Click the Tools menu, then click Internet Options.
3. Click the General tab.
4. In the Address: box, enter the web address that you want to keep as your default home page, then click the OK button.

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