How Can I Manually Setup AOL Email Account?

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AOL Email – A quick glance

AOL email is a user-friendly, free web-based email service offered by AOL (Verizon, the internet service provider). AOL email gives you a personalized experience to connect with your friends and family. It’s easy to link other email accounts to AOL and it gives you a storage space of maximum 250GB. In case, you have any query then feel free to dial Aol mail Customer Support Number +1-844-853-1440

Read further to create and setup AOL account

How to Create a new AOL account?

Step 1: If you are yet to create a new email account on AOL, click here to go to the main AOL Page

Step 2: Click Join/Login in the top right corner

Step 3: Click Sign up

Step 4: Type all the necessary information and click submit

With the username and password, you can access the webmail on all computers.

Please note: If you have any question regarding the setup, you can look for AOL Email Support Number and talk to a customer support agent.

Setup AOL Account manually on outlook or other third-party application

You can now setup your AOL account on Outlook using IMAP. This method stores the emails on mail server and it retrieves the information based on the user request. For AOL emails, the user’s emails are saved on the AOL server and when you check your inbox, it automatically connects to the server and displays the emails. Since AOL emails are connect to the server, it is easy to setup your AOL account on multiple platforms.For reliable help, you can dial Aol mail Customer support number +1-844-853-1440

The IMAP Server and port settings will be the same for all third-party application and software.

Server Setting Port Setting
Incoming mail server (IMAP): IMAP-993-SSL
Outgoing mail server (SMTP): SMTP-465-SSL

How to manually add the AOL email account on Microsoft outlook?

You can connect Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL and another email account to your outlook.

Outlook for PC

Open outlook and select file and click Add account
Type your email address and click connect
Enter your password and select ok or finish

If outlook doesn’t accept this, you can try to use the advanced manual setup

Use Advanced setup option in Outlook when you want to type specific numbers and values for the server and port settings.

Refer the Server settings and port setting mentioned in the blog earlier and make a note of it.

    • • Open outlook and select file and click Add account


    • • Type your complete AOL email address ( and clickAdvanced Options


    • • Since it’s manual setup you need to check the box that says ‘Let me set up my account manually’ and click Connect


    • • Select the Account type as IMAP


    • • On choosing IMAP, the account setting screen will pop up with pre-filled numbers and settings. You can verify if they are correct or change it to the numbers that you have made a note.


    • • If they are incorrect, you can type the server settings (incoming and outgoing) and click Next


    • Now, enter your AOL email password and click Connect.

If you still have any trouble you can call AOL Email support number to verify the incoming and outgoing server settings.

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