Fashion Trends: Haircuts And Hairstyles For Summer 2018

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The Beauty industry, as well as the whole fashion world, moves with seven-league strides towards simplicity and convenience.

The times of compound haircuts, impeccably even staining and architectural styles are becoming obsolete, giving way to naturalness and easy negligence.

At the same time, stylists are encouraged not to confuse the neglected view with the actual reading of beauty trends, the embodiment of some of which requires the painstaking work of the master.

1. Haircut Bob:


Perhaps for a whole eternity the legendary haircut does not leave the top lines of the top, and all thanks to the efforts of the stylists, skillfully contributing to the classics of the genre fresh creative strokes.

This summer, beloved Bob will refresh the multilayered performance, asymmetric details. Masters are encouraged to experiment with the form of bangs and a parting.

Owners of the extended version are offered a relaxed wavy laying, but a sleek version in the spirit of the lady boss is still relevant.

2. Haircut Shaggy:

Stylish ruffled, it seems, reached its apogee, massively sending fashionistas to salons for “Torn” haircuts. In the holiday season, when you least want to tinker with the styling, Shaggy is an ideal solution.

However, the young lady with thin hair is better to find another option, so as not to be like a dandelion.

And in the case of long and heavy strands, the specialists in the hairdressing business unequivocally give good: a beautiful natural and voluminous hairdo is provided.

3. A Lot Of Bangs:

Any master will definitely note: bangs are the easiest way to brush up an image. An unprecedented hit of this summer is recognized as a dense 3D version of Alo Cleopatra.

If the classical performance is not pleasing, it is allowed to play with length, asymmetry or torn edges, try to twist the chub or paint it in a contrasting color.

Lovers of extravagance are in a good position to change the bangs-cilia that have lost their relevance to the edgy ultra-short version in the style of Amelie.

4. Uneven Coloring:

Diverse modern techniques in the spirit of creative melioration are not going to take positions, regularly replenished with interesting novelties.

Today women of fashion are involved in trendy painting with a tempting name “touch of air” – in the original AirTouch. Do not lose relevance already fond of techniques: ombre, shatush, balyazh.

The latter, by the way, is offered to natural blondes in reverse execution – a tandem of light roots and dark tips.

5. Pastelnye Shades:

The times of catchy shades are rapidly receding, in favor of today the pastel of different saturation. In support of this new product lines of eminent brands, teeming with ultramodern hair dye solutions.

Priority for coloring balsams, allowing plenty and painlessly to experiment with images. Is it difficult to decide on one color? The trend is bold and original pastel opal.

6. Natural Curls:

Representatives, whom nature has endowed with curly hair, no longer need to diligently straighten the strands, in order to conform to the beauty of canons.

After a long struggle for their rights, natural curls, finally, won the honor to be called beautiful and fashionable. Tight or light curls, naughty or puppet curls, it is time to emphasize the unique property.

And the owner of straight hair is envious or go to the salon for a chemical wave, which again becomes popular.

7. Deep Andr Graphic Styling:

Of course, fashion for smooth hairstyles at once can not eradicate, and there is no need. Accurate naturalness, shaggy and curvy curls are good in everyday life, informal atmosphere, on vacation.

And when it comes to the business or evening image, in this season the ball is ruled by elegant laconism, neatly laid out polished hair . Graphic strands in retro style and a damp effect will help to add a touch.

8. Scales In Assortment:

With practicality and versatility of the trend you can not argue. Suitable for the style of a scythe there is for every image, for any occasion, under any mood, providing owners of long hair in hot season comfort and a fashionable look.

The trends of this summer do not constrain the choice: whether it is architecturally laid out or careless, intricate or the simplest weaving. By the way, preferring classical school braids, style legislators advise not to be limited to one or two – to make at least four.

9. Attention To Accessories:

A spectacular accessory is the most effective way to transform a hairstyle, whatever it is. Now, various methods of decorating hair are experiencing a peak of popularity, pushing into the top and retro, and glamor, and aristocracy.

Stylists are encouraged to safely get from the abandoned arsenal of “Crabs” & voluminous textile bands, to decorate the head with flowers and large hairpins with a scattering of colored stones, do not hesitate to put on infantile hoops and pompous diadems.

Source: stylecraze

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